Plexus Day 8

First Drink: 10am
Once again I have my breakfast before my drink. The taste is still not one that I enjoy. Other people said that they have gotten used to it but I have not.

I’ve decided that today is my last day using slim for a couple of reasons.

1. I followed the directions precisely, and took two slims most days (for “optimal results” as the package says). According to various ambassadors, I was experiencing severe detox symptoms so I took their advice and scaled back to one slim a day for a few days. After a few days, I tried going back to two again and it still was not a pleasant experience. My thoughts are that if after a full week my body still is not reacting well to this product, then it’s a smart idea to stop. My body is telling me this isn’t for me.
2. Another reason I’ve decided to stop is because I have a scuba trip this weekend. I cannot afford to have a headache from the slim while diving. That’s just dangerous and not something I’m willing to risk.
3. After one week of taking the product, I haven’t had any positive results that I am aware of. My energy levels are the same, my focus is the same, my sleep quality is the same and my weight is the same. So I won’t be spending more money on the product and I won’t be forcing down the drink I don’t enjoy anyway, anymore.

I will write a recap of my week including all the meals I ate and all the exercise that I did while taking the slim. I’ll be drawing more conclusions then.


Plexus Day 7

First Drink: 10:00am

Here’s me drinking the sweet pink slim…

As you can see I still don’t love the taste. I admit it is easier to stomach when I have already eaten breakfast.

Second Mix: 3:45pm

I’m finally adding in that second packet again. I drank it about 20-30 minutes after a late lunch. I was working in my classroom and an hour or so later, there was my headache. By 6:00 my head was pounding. Again, still not up there with the pain I’m used to with migraines but it’s pretty bad.

It’s now 7:15 and I feel like this is progressing into a migraine… my left eye vision is going. A sure sign.

Is this because of the second mix? I’m inclined to think so. The only other days I had a headache like this were days I drank two mixes. Also, I don’t get headaches too often, but had plenty this week.

The question is: do I finish the 2-a-day slim routine for the next two days to finish the trial? Or drag it out to day 12 with 1-a-day?

Plexus Day 6

First Drink: 10:30am
Once again, I ate my breakfast before taking my slim. The taste is just too sweet for me on an empty stomach, even when I mix it with the max amount of water.

I felt fine afterwards. No headache like the other days.

I still skip the second mix today.

Skeptical Thoughts:

I don’t feel any increase in energy. In fact, I was quite lethargic yesterday and today despite sleeping fine. (We can blame the rainy weather if you like.) There has been no change in my daily routine to warrant this feeling. I’m a bit disappointed because slim is supposed to boost your energy levels, yet I still have not felt a positive change and I am half finished.
I will take two slims for days 7, 8 and 9 to finish the trial.

(Note: I did a 7 day trial, but because I had such awful symptoms the first few days I stopped using 2 packs per day … hence the extra 2 days of my trial period.)

Plexus Day 5

First Mix: 10:15
Off to a late start this morning! I had breakfast before I took my slim because I was too hungry to wait 30 minutes. Still not a fan of the taste.

I was exhausted most of the day but slept well. It was a rainy summer day, perfect for being sleepy. But I didn’t succumb to the urge to nap.
I worked, did errands and worked out before dinner.
Again, I did not take the second slim. I had the tiniest hint of a headache after my first slim today, so perhaps tomorrow afternoon I will add the second slim back in.

Plexus Day Four

First Mix: 8:45am

I still am not loving the taste. I mix my slim with 20oz of water, which is the max of the range recommended. And still I have to force it down. The aftertaste is interesting and I always drink my regular glass of water right after finishing the slim.
I haven’t noticed any difference in my body yet. I get a slight headache immediately after finishing slim. It abated yesterday at lunchtime so if the pattern holds, this won’t last long. I likely will skip this afternoon’s slim as well and stick to one a day.
Skeptical thought:

I’ve seen many people say the slim has reduced their craving for caffeine in the morning so they don’t feel the need to have their coffee.
I have a few thoughts on this.
1. In the morning, I know reaching for a cup of coffee is a habit for me. It’s routine. It is enjoyable and comfortable to start my day with a sweet coffee. Perhaps people don’t crave the coffee because they have replaced their routine cup of joe with a routine cup of pink. Placebo? Maybe.
2. The slim does contain some amount of caffeine. Maybe those who claim to have a reduced craving for their coffee get enough of a fix from the slim.
3. Maybe it does work in reducing caffeine and sugar cravings. Im not sure.


For now, I am leaning towards a combination of 1 and 2. I have a reduced urge to buy my dunks coffee in the morning because I already have a 20oz beverage and my 32oz water bottle. Putting more liquid in my stomach first thing in the morning just isn’t happening. Also, I am a creature of habit so having the to-go cup of slim is a similar feeling to me.
Has my urge to eat sugar decreased? Barely. I have had slightly less of an urge to eat sugar, but I believe that is due to my mentality using this product. I am trying to be “healthier” while taking slim, right? So I’m drinking my water and adding the slim and working out…. eating soft serve ice cream or having chips kind of feels like cheating. So is the reduced urge for sugar a real result of the product or a result of a determined mentality to commit to be healthier? Despite my doubts of the product’s effectiveness, I WANT it to work. I obviously would love to see results and be healthier. But I want to be factual too… Hmm. I’ll be keeping an eye on my cravings and get back to you on that.

Plexus Day 2

First Drink: 7:00am 

As I sip my pink drink driving to a professional development class I have a raging headache. The more I drink the more I get the unsettling feeling that I’m going to puke. I turn the ac on. I sip plain water. I breathe deeply. For 40 minutes this nausea doesn’t let up. I park my car and walk to class praying for relief. It finally subsides when I sit in the cold classroom.

I’m told by a friend this is not an uncommon side effect the first few days.

I’m dreading the second mix this afternoon. But I’m not a quitter so here’s to hoping I don’t feel quite so sick again.

Second Drink: 3:30 PM

This one goes down a lot easier. I’m waiting for the nausea to kick in and it doesn’t. My headache is still pretty gnarly though. As far as headaches go I tend to have a very high tolerance because I’ve experienced migraines with aura in the past so severe that I have lost my peripheral vision and vomited. Still this is a solid, consistent, pounding headache.

That being said I didn’t end up working out today. Instead I drink extra water and have plans to go bed early.

Pre-Plexus & Day 1


The Season Before: Spring 2017
I was on track in the spring with working out 4x a week, then fell off the bandwagon. It was a busy season: I bought a house, got engaged, got a puppy, was working on home improvement projects, taking summer courses, and so many more excuses. Rob was astounded at how much I slept on the regular. I just love sleep so much…and I did not have the energy or willpower to work out aside from taking the dogs for walks.

I have always been a huge water drinker. It’s rare to see me without a 32oz water bottle in hand. In a normal day, I drink 3 of these (96oz of water a day). On days I’m more active, it’s not unusual for me to drink 4 or 5 bottles. I have a history of vasovagal syncope, and hydration has always been key to keeping that at bay. Drinking so much water helps me not overeat as I’m fully hydrated. (You’ll see why I brought this up later.)

The Week Before: June 13
I started my workouts again and have tracked them daily. I also put my Fitbit back to work. I was 130lbs. I don’t have a goal weight, per say, but I have a goal of being toned and strong.

Day 1 of Plexus: June 20
I weighed in at 133lbs this morning. I binged the night before when I ate out for my brother’s birthday (Brazilian rodizio – so good!) and I had just begun working out again, so a lot of these few extra lbs are likely water.

First Drink: 8:30am
Morning Mix Thoughts:
How much of this supplement’s success is due to people simply hydrating more during the day? People are forced to drink 2 12-20oz bottles of water with the mix, 30 minutes before a meal. This might make them feel fuller and eat less. Also, if they simply don’t drink water, being hydrated in itself could be the reason for weight loss success and feeling energized. Will keep an eye on how hungry I am compared to pre-plexus. Being a consistently hydrated person, I don’t think drinking 2 extra bottles a day with the pink drink (or replacing 2 bottles with pink drink) will affect any weight loss for me.

First Drink:
This stuff tastes pretty good. But I still prefer water. *Chugs an extra bottle of water with the pink drink*

1 Hour Later…
Ate leftover pasta and chicken for breakfast (1 cup).
2 Hours Later…
Absolutely ravenous. Finish leftovers (2 cups).

Second Drink: 3:30pm
Afternoon Mix Thoughts:
Now the nutritionist in me is nervous. I didn’t do enough research before putting this in my body. I discuss my concerns with my fiancé, who agrees with my points about hydration possibly being the reason for peoples’ issues clearing up (relieving migraines, boosting focus, aiding in weight loss, providing clearer skin, etc).

I look more into the ingredients but the amount of each ingredient is a Plexus proprietary secret, which is a red flag in my mind. I like to know exactly what’s going in my body. I can research each ingredient. All seem safe enough on their own in certain doses. But how much am I ingesting of each? Who even knows the long term affects of taking this product for years on end? The only similar clinical trials I have found research on end the trials at 16 weeks or a few months, claiming no adverse affects. But what about longer use of the product? I’m not sure.

Hoping for the best and praying I’m not doing my kidneys or liver in for overtime, I finish my drink.

Workout: At 9pm I did a full body cardio circuit for 30 minutes.