Plexus Day 8

First Drink: 10am
Once again I have my breakfast before my drink. The taste is still not one that I enjoy. Other people said that they have gotten used to it but I have not.

I’ve decided that today is my last day using slim for a couple of reasons.

1. I followed the directions precisely, and took two slims most days (for “optimal results” as the package says). According to various ambassadors, I was experiencing severe detox symptoms so I took their advice and scaled back to one slim a day for a few days. After a few days, I tried going back to two again and it still was not a pleasant experience. My thoughts are that if after a full week my body still is not reacting well to this product, then it’s a smart idea to stop. My body is telling me this isn’t for me.
2. Another reason I’ve decided to stop is because I have a scuba trip this weekend. I cannot afford to have a headache from the slim while diving. That’s just dangerous and not something I’m willing to risk.
3. After one week of taking the product, I haven’t had any positive results that I am aware of. My energy levels are the same, my focus is the same, my sleep quality is the same and my weight is the same. So I won’t be spending more money on the product and I won’t be forcing down the drink I don’t enjoy anyway, anymore.

I will write a recap of my week including all the meals I ate and all the exercise that I did while taking the slim. I’ll be drawing more conclusions then.


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