Dear Coach: What Are Your Favorites?

Dear Coach,
What are your favorite fitness things?

Curious Reader

Hey Curious Reader!

Well. I love so many different things….IMG_4494

-RUNNING! is my favorite form of cardio. I’ve learned to love running and feel amazing both during and after a run. Just
knowing that my body is capable of carrying me miles and miles, or my muscles are strong enough to push me at a great speed gives me all sorts of good feels.

SNEAKERS! I have so many pairs of sneakers and I love them all. The more outrageous the colors, the more I love it.

asics sneaksATHLETIC CLOTHES! in general, especially shorts and pants. Yeah. Clothes. All of it. My style is definitely athleisure, if that’s even a thing. I wear gym clothes anywhere, anytime.


-ARMS are not particularly my favorite. My upper body has always been “weak”, but it’s getting better! Playing sports in college forced me to balance out the muscles in my shoulders and arms so I got very used to push-ups, burpees, plank up-downs, bicep curls, and anterior/lateral side raises. While I don’t love these exercises I love bikehow good they make my arms look!

-STATIONARY BIKE. I have a serious grudge against the stationary bikes at the gym. I was injured and unable to run for months at one point, and the bike was my only option. I got so bored! But put me on a bike OUTSIDE and we have a totally different story!

What do you think? Anything you relate to here? Let me know 🙂 That’s all for now!

Coach A