The Perks of Setting Up A Home Gym

My boyfriend’s house has a great outdoor garage space that we’ve converted into a gym. Aside from a little more cleaning to be done, and needing to use a space heater to warm it up on chilly days, it’s pretty awesome for a home gym!

There’s a mat floor, a bench, a rack for weights, barbells, plates, and a dumbbell set. We also have resistance bands, a physio ball, a weighted jumprope, and foam rollers.

We’ve both been capitalizing off of this space. It’s a great investment for so many reasons!

  • I love that it’s two steps from the house. How can you make an excuse over that commute?! 😉
  • I love that I never have to wait for someone to finish using the weights or equipment I need.
  • I don’t feel self conscious when trying new exercises or when sprawling on the floor to stretch.
  • I don’t feel people staring, as often happens in a crowded gym. Right ladies?
  • I love that I can blast my music over the speakers without anyone changing the tunes. 
  • I love that I can dance and sing along between sets and generally just have fun in this private space.
  • And I love that I really do get a complete workout in this home gym.

Not too shabby! Plus I’m saving $35 a month on a gym membership! Even though we had to buy some of the stuff, we found amazing prices on the floor mats, resistance bands, jumprope and physio ball online at Amazon & Walmart. So, what we spent there will pay for itself in just a couple of months now that we aren’t paying for a membership elsewhere.

The bench and racks were basically given to us when someone we know was going to toss them. They just needed a good cleaning and they get the job done just fine!

The best part of all is the accountability that comes along with this. When I pay for things myself, I tend to value it more. Having all this equipment is so exciting to me because it’s mine! Additionally, there is literally no excuse to skip the gym. The commute can’t stink since it’s in the backyard. It will never be crowded. It will never be closed for holiday hours. Etc, etc, etc.!

I’m extremely happy about this space as you can see …



Home Workout 4

Here’s another home workout you can do sans equipment! Just you and the comfort of your own home. No excuses! If you have questions on the exercises, leave a comment!

Perform each exercise for 12 reps or 40s where indicated*, straight through the set.
Rest as needed, or 2 min at end.
Repeat for 3 sets.

  • Single leg step ups (12 on each side) – use a chair or sturdy chest.
  • Inchworm – keep feet planted, walk hands out to straight arm plank, hold, walk feet back in towards hands and repeat.
  • Jumping jacks*
  • Forward lunges w arms up (12 on each side)
  • Push ups
  • Forearm plank

Good luck!

Home Workout #3

Here’s another home work out! It should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Remember to rest as you need to, and make sure you’re healthy enough for exercise. Be safe! Comment any questions you have on exercises.

Warm up – 1 min each exercise (~3min)
High knees, alternating quad pulls, high kicks

Circuit 1 – Legs (~10 min)
Perform each exercise for 45s, take 15s rest between exercises. Rest 1 full minute at the end of the round. Repeat 2x.
Squats, standing bicycle crunch (high knee and crunch over), broad jumps, ice skaters.

Circuit 2 – Core (~10 min)
Perform each exercise for 45s, take 15s rest between exercises. Rest 1 full minute at the end of the round. Repeat 2x.
Mountain climbers, on floor: bicycle crunch, right side plank, left side plank.

Cool down/Stretch – 5 min
Stretch your legs and arms. Hold each stretch for 30s.
For more details on what stretches you should be doing, take another look at the Stretch Routine from our last Home Workout.

Good luck, do your best, and have fun!

Home Workout #1

Bored at home watching TV? Feeling sluggish in between your sessions at the gym? Or maybe you got stuck in traffic on the way home from work and just can’t bear driving to the gym today… Fear not! Here is a quick and easy workout just for you that you can complete in the comfort of your very own home!  Before trying this, make sure your doctor thinks you’re healthy enough to give exercise a go!
This workout is 20 minutes total. Rest as needed.
  • Warm up: 30s each x 2. (3 min)
    • (in place) jumping jacks, butt kicks, toe reaches.
  •  Circuit 1: 30s each x 3. (4:30 min)
    • burpees, squat pulse, middle plank.
  • Circuit 2: 45s each x 2. (4:30 min)
    • wall push-ups, alternating lunges, v-sit hold.
  • Circuit 3: 1 min each x 1. (3 min)
    • dips on edge of couch or chair, wall sit, crunches.
  • Cool down: 5 min stretch

Enjoy your workout! Let me know how you do!

Questions? Comment below!