Plexus Day 6

First Drink: 10:30am
Once again, I ate my breakfast before taking my slim. The taste is just too sweet for me on an empty stomach, even when I mix it with the max amount of water.

I felt fine afterwards. No headache like the other days.

I still skip the second mix today.

Skeptical Thoughts:

I don’t feel any increase in energy. In fact, I was quite lethargic yesterday and today despite sleeping fine. (We can blame the rainy weather if you like.) There has been no change in my daily routine to warrant this feeling. I’m a bit disappointed because slim is supposed to boost your energy levels, yet I still have not felt a positive change and I am half finished.
I will take two slims for days 7, 8 and 9 to finish the trial.

(Note: I did a 7 day trial, but because I had such awful symptoms the first few days I stopped using 2 packs per day … hence the extra 2 days of my trial period.)


Pre-Plexus & Day 1


The Season Before: Spring 2017
I was on track in the spring with working out 4x a week, then fell off the bandwagon. It was a busy season: I bought a house, got engaged, got a puppy, was working on home improvement projects, taking summer courses, and so many more excuses. Rob was astounded at how much I slept on the regular. I just love sleep so much…and I did not have the energy or willpower to work out aside from taking the dogs for walks.

I have always been a huge water drinker. It’s rare to see me without a 32oz water bottle in hand. In a normal day, I drink 3 of these (96oz of water a day). On days I’m more active, it’s not unusual for me to drink 4 or 5 bottles. I have a history of vasovagal syncope, and hydration has always been key to keeping that at bay. Drinking so much water helps me not overeat as I’m fully hydrated. (You’ll see why I brought this up later.)

The Week Before: June 13
I started my workouts again and have tracked them daily. I also put my Fitbit back to work. I was 130lbs. I don’t have a goal weight, per say, but I have a goal of being toned and strong.

Day 1 of Plexus: June 20
I weighed in at 133lbs this morning. I binged the night before when I ate out for my brother’s birthday (Brazilian rodizio – so good!) and I had just begun working out again, so a lot of these few extra lbs are likely water.

First Drink: 8:30am
Morning Mix Thoughts:
How much of this supplement’s success is due to people simply hydrating more during the day? People are forced to drink 2 12-20oz bottles of water with the mix, 30 minutes before a meal. This might make them feel fuller and eat less. Also, if they simply don’t drink water, being hydrated in itself could be the reason for weight loss success and feeling energized. Will keep an eye on how hungry I am compared to pre-plexus. Being a consistently hydrated person, I don’t think drinking 2 extra bottles a day with the pink drink (or replacing 2 bottles with pink drink) will affect any weight loss for me.

First Drink:
This stuff tastes pretty good. But I still prefer water. *Chugs an extra bottle of water with the pink drink*

1 Hour Later…
Ate leftover pasta and chicken for breakfast (1 cup).
2 Hours Later…
Absolutely ravenous. Finish leftovers (2 cups).

Second Drink: 3:30pm
Afternoon Mix Thoughts:
Now the nutritionist in me is nervous. I didn’t do enough research before putting this in my body. I discuss my concerns with my fiancé, who agrees with my points about hydration possibly being the reason for peoples’ issues clearing up (relieving migraines, boosting focus, aiding in weight loss, providing clearer skin, etc).

I look more into the ingredients but the amount of each ingredient is a Plexus proprietary secret, which is a red flag in my mind. I like to know exactly what’s going in my body. I can research each ingredient. All seem safe enough on their own in certain doses. But how much am I ingesting of each? Who even knows the long term affects of taking this product for years on end? The only similar clinical trials I have found research on end the trials at 16 weeks or a few months, claiming no adverse affects. But what about longer use of the product? I’m not sure.

Hoping for the best and praying I’m not doing my kidneys or liver in for overtime, I finish my drink.

Workout: At 9pm I did a full body cardio circuit for 30 minutes.


Working Out With a Hectic Schedule

It’s been a month since my last post. I have all these blog topics I want to delve into and yet, I can’t seem to find the time.

Schools back in session, which means I’m busy from 7-5 most nights, sometimes later, as I’m still figuring out this lesson prep deal. Each week my time is split between work, coaching, family, relationships, friendships, caring for my dog, fellowship group, church, gym, etc, etc, etc.

Where do we find the time!?

I’m a routine person. I do best when I am in the groove of a routine. It’s so much easier to stick with all my commitments and keep my priorities in line. Transitioning from summer vacation to work again has left me completely outside my orderly routine.

That being said, I haven’t been blogging as much, I haven’t seen my friends as much, and worst of all, I haven’t been gymming hardly at all in the past month. There I said it. I’ve worked out twice in 5 weeks. I’m ashamed! But if you’re anything like me, when the going get busy, the busy don’t get to the gym. (Does that make sense?)

The gym or our workout time probably the worst thing we can cut from our routine. It starts an evil cycle that’s really hard to break and really easy to embrace.

You miss the gym.
You get more “stuff” done.
You feel tired.
You sleep more.
You still feel tired.
You eat more (bad) stuff.
You feel bad.
Your clothes feel bad.
You feel worse.
You feel too tired to get to the gym
And on and on and on…. It doesn’t end!

Once you’re out of your workout routine it’s SO HARD to get back in it because the cycle of bad eating and bad sleep habits keeps you “too tired” to go. (Read my article on sleep and see what this happens on a chemical level.)

So, I encourage you (and myself!) to get to the gym this week. It might only happen once, or maybe you’ll only get there for half of your normal gym session. That’s okay! Just get there.

Pack a bag ahead of time and go straight from work so you don’t have time to change your mind. Or make plans to meet a friend there so you’ll feel more obligated to go and not let them down. Sign up for a spot in an exercise class to make the commitment feel more real and less like you can make up an excuse to skip. Whatever you need to do to get there, do it!

Once you do, your mind will feel renewed and your body will thank you – even after just ONE session! Before you know it, you’ll remember why you value your time at the gym more than the time you spend in some other places, and you’ll be back in a good routine in no time, feeling more energized, healthier, and happier 🙂