Plexus Day 2

First Drink: 7:00am 

As I sip my pink drink driving to a professional development class I have a raging headache. The more I drink the more I get the unsettling feeling that I’m going to puke. I turn the ac on. I sip plain water. I breathe deeply. For 40 minutes this nausea doesn’t let up. I park my car and walk to class praying for relief. It finally subsides when I sit in the cold classroom.

I’m told by a friend this is not an uncommon side effect the first few days.

I’m dreading the second mix this afternoon. But I’m not a quitter so here’s to hoping I don’t feel quite so sick again.

Second Drink: 3:30 PM

This one goes down a lot easier. I’m waiting for the nausea to kick in and it doesn’t. My headache is still pretty gnarly though. As far as headaches go I tend to have a very high tolerance because I’ve experienced migraines with aura in the past so severe that I have lost my peripheral vision and vomited. Still this is a solid, consistent, pounding headache.

That being said I didn’t end up working out today. Instead I drink extra water and have plans to go bed early.


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