Plexus Day 7

First Drink: 10:00am

Here’s me drinking the sweet pink slim…

As you can see I still don’t love the taste. I admit it is easier to stomach when I have already eaten breakfast.

Second Mix: 3:45pm

I’m finally adding in that second packet again. I drank it about 20-30 minutes after a late lunch. I was working in my classroom and an hour or so later, there was my headache. By 6:00 my head was pounding. Again, still not up there with the pain I’m used to with migraines but it’s pretty bad.

It’s now 7:15 and I feel like this is progressing into a migraine… my left eye vision is going. A sure sign.

Is this because of the second mix? I’m inclined to think so. The only other days I had a headache like this were days I drank two mixes. Also, I don’t get headaches too often, but had plenty this week.

The question is: do I finish the 2-a-day slim routine for the next two days to finish the trial? Or drag it out to day 12 with 1-a-day?


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