Plexus Day 6

First Drink: 10:30am
Once again, I ate my breakfast before taking my slim. The taste is just too sweet for me on an empty stomach, even when I mix it with the max amount of water.

I felt fine afterwards. No headache like the other days.

I still skip the second mix today.

Skeptical Thoughts:

I don’t feel any increase in energy. In fact, I was quite lethargic yesterday and today despite sleeping fine. (We can blame the rainy weather if you like.) There has been no change in my daily routine to warrant this feeling. I’m a bit disappointed because slim is supposed to boost your energy levels, yet I still have not felt a positive change and I am half finished.
I will take two slims for days 7, 8 and 9 to finish the trial.

(Note: I did a 7 day trial, but because I had such awful symptoms the first few days I stopped using 2 packs per day … hence the extra 2 days of my trial period.)


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