Plexus Day Four

First Mix: 8:45am

I still am not loving the taste. I mix my slim with 20oz of water, which is the max of the range recommended. And still I have to force it down. The aftertaste is interesting and I always drink my regular glass of water right after finishing the slim.
I haven’t noticed any difference in my body yet. I get a slight headache immediately after finishing slim. It abated yesterday at lunchtime so if the pattern holds, this won’t last long. I likely will skip this afternoon’s slim as well and stick to one a day.
Skeptical thought:

I’ve seen many people say the slim has reduced their craving for caffeine in the morning so they don’t feel the need to have their coffee.
I have a few thoughts on this.
1. In the morning, I know reaching for a cup of coffee is a habit for me. It’s routine. It is enjoyable and comfortable to start my day with a sweet coffee. Perhaps people don’t crave the coffee because they have replaced their routine cup of joe with a routine cup of pink. Placebo? Maybe.
2. The slim does contain some amount of caffeine. Maybe those who claim to have a reduced craving for their coffee get enough of a fix from the slim.
3. Maybe it does work in reducing caffeine and sugar cravings. Im not sure.


For now, I am leaning towards a combination of 1 and 2. I have a reduced urge to buy my dunks coffee in the morning because I already have a 20oz beverage and my 32oz water bottle. Putting more liquid in my stomach first thing in the morning just isn’t happening. Also, I am a creature of habit so having the to-go cup of slim is a similar feeling to me.
Has my urge to eat sugar decreased? Barely. I have had slightly less of an urge to eat sugar, but I believe that is due to my mentality using this product. I am trying to be “healthier” while taking slim, right? So I’m drinking my water and adding the slim and working out…. eating soft serve ice cream or having chips kind of feels like cheating. So is the reduced urge for sugar a real result of the product or a result of a determined mentality to commit to be healthier? Despite my doubts of the product’s effectiveness, I WANT it to work. I obviously would love to see results and be healthier. But I want to be factual too… Hmm. I’ll be keeping an eye on my cravings and get back to you on that.


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