Plexus Day 3

First Mix: 10:00am
I woke up without a headache! I had to chug my drink down because the sweet taste was just too much for my palate. I also chugged a bottle of water on the side to ease the urge I had to gag. 

About 20 minutes later a slight headache started. I continued my normal water consumption hoping it wouldn’t get worse.
Second Mix: I decide to skip the second mix this afternoon.

Skeptical Thought:

Energy. People are saying they have so much more energy around day 4 and the usual afternoon crash isn’t an issue for them anymore.

Im not on day 4 yet so I can’t comment on that. But my initial thought is:

You start the product when you feel normal, as in you are used to how it feels.

You take this product and for the first few days the “detox” makes you feel achey or sick or have a headache.

Your body gets accustomed to the product and you feel great!

But is that “great” just your normal again? And you think it’s great because you were just feeling miserable?

Not sure. I will explore this later as I continue my week of trying plexus.


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