How To Work Out At Work

Check out these five tips on incorporating working out into your work day.

The work day just seems to drag on and on, especially in this cold weather! Many of us sit behind a desk for eight hours a day. Many of us opt to take the elevator at work for convenience sake. Many of us are just bone-tired after a ten-hour work day that we just can’t get in that extra 30 minutes of cardio we promised out trainer we would do…. Well, for days that you JUST CAN’T, here are five ways to incorporate a little working out into your daily routine at work.

1. Take the stairs. While the weather may be keeping you inside, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep walking. Instead of taking the elevator up and down all day long, take the stairs. It may seem inconvenient at first, carrying your briefcase or files up the stairs as you head to a meeting, but the added effort is worth it! Taking the stairs all day can make your step count add up quickly. Also, you’ll notice a difference in your body the more you do it! Walking up four flights of stairs may leave you winded at first, with burning legs, but if you do it every day you’ll be proud of how quickly and efficiently you will be able to run up the stairs.

2. Standing. Rather than sitting all day long at your desk, try working while standing. If you’re on a call, pace around. If you are on your laptop, try placing it on a higher surface that you can see at eye-level. You’d be surprised how tiring standing for eight hours can be. Challenge your body by making it work harder while you work. Stand instead of sit.

3. Lunchtime. While a lot of people work through lunch, for those of you who don’t please consider this: spend half of your lunch break eating, and the other half walking. If you get an hour or even just thirty minutes for lunch, you can spend half of that allotted time getting some cardio in! An extra 15 minutes of walking or doing stairs is better than 0 minutes! Prefer to socialize on your breaks? Grab a co-worker and have them walk with you!

4. Chairs. Many of us sit at chairs throughout our work day. Many of us sit in chairs all day. If you can’t be pacing around while you work or standing at your desk, you can still incorporate leg work into your day! While sitting at your desk, simply contract your glute muscles, hold for 3 seconds, and repeat the movement up to 15 times. Do this set at least 3 times throughout your day and you’ll soon be able to perform glute bridges like nobody’s business.

5. Prepare ahead! Pack Sneakers. Do you sit in traffic on the way home after work every night? Do you get home so late you really can’t muster up the energy to get on the treadmill for your cardio? Bring your sneakers to work. At the end of the day, lace up and don’t leave until you’ve walked or jogged the stairs for 30 minutes. Doing your cardio at work not only lets you get it done before you even get home for the night, but it has the added bonus of letting rush hour die down a little bit so you can cruise on home.

Try to incorporate these simple moves into your daily routine at work. Not only are they all beneficial to your health, but they’re sure to add a little enjoyment and spice to your long work da


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